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any dimension you like

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nov 18, 2017 - jan 13, 2018

edmond gallery

Hong Kong’s fascinating cityscape has inspired many cyberpunk classics including Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner. It also becomes the muse for new media artist Vvzela Kook. In Confidential Record (2016-2017), she digs deep into the desolate past of the now demolished Kowloon Walled City and creates an alternative timeline for its residents with staggering sounds and mind-bending visual effects. While her Parallel (2012) offers an immersive audiovisual experience of "Parallel Universe". Speaking of multiverse, her quest for other dimensions leads her to a research into the psychological states of astronauts in outer space which results in a series of breathtaking water colour drawings. We are proud to present her first solo exhibition in Berlin with these three series of works and we welcome you to a journey to any dimension you like!