t s a o y i d i   | 
was photographed by anna kazanova

dec. 8th, 2017

i have a fuji instax mini 50s. i took it with me when we visited F's brother's, where a 5-year-old girl and a 1.5-year-old boy live together with their parents who grew up in the late 70s and 80s. when i brought out the camera and took photos for the children, they eyes opened big and were completely amazed. as for them, photos are what you see on glossy screens and one can definitely swipe them. they will learn about the evolution of photography when they grow bigger, however, it does make me think, what is the nature of this medium, a relatively new addition to human history, at the same time, so common that it's almost invisible to our contemporary eyes.
when was the last time you actually saw an actual photo on paper?
let along photo on glass!
the method dates back to the beginning of photography history. the word "collodion" is a syrupy solution of nitrocellulose in a mixture of alcohol and ether, used for coating things, chiefly in surgery. therefore apotheke is where one can get the solution, for example.
you can read more about wet plate collodion process on wiki. you may also check out anna's website to see the video of its process.
i met anna through renu, a berlin-based music talent for whose album release concert, my lieblings yue flew in to create live visuals, and the album cover was made by anna. so we got in touch, and made an appointment. when the day came, i brought along f and a bottle of wine with me to anna's studio, conveniently located near frankfurter tor. i noticed that the most common facial expression seen in these wet plate photos are expressionless. the reason for that is quite simple: because the wet plate takes about 20s to expose, during which time, the model cannot move at all. if you haven't tried it, you would not realise how difficult it is to actually keep smiling in the same angle for 20 seconds! yet i attempted, and somehow succeeded!
without further do, ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy these four digital scan of the photographs! in reverse chronological order as they were taken. (you may notice my facial expression gets more and more natural. though smart as you, you might sniffed a hinted correlation between it and the percentage of alcohol in my body)
*if you would like to come to see the real thing in 3d, then come by mine!