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in short

Tsao Yidi is currently stationed in Berlin.
Yidi often does many things and wears many hats, literally. She curates, performs, produces, writes, codes and translates.
She is incurably curious and perpetually passionate about creativity - art, design, cognition and computers, etc.
She is an advocate for interdisciplinary and decentralised knowledge transfer and acquisition, with a future-oriented mentality.
She is also a proud citizen and the Leading Investigative Nurse of THE AMBULATORY FREE STATES OF OBSIDIA, a radical feminist micronation.
At the same time, she servers as the koolRabbi of Orangeudaism, a wiki happy religion.



yidi@feedface.com‭ V.i.S.d.M. (§5 TMG)
Yidi Tsao, Seumestrasse 24, 10245 Berlin